Honolulu, HI | 2 stories | 47,120 sq ft

The new science and technology center at Mid-Pacific Institute consists of an East and a West Wing separated by a plaza. A conventional pre-cast concrete floor system was utilized for all suspended floors and masonry walls to meet budget goals. Supporting prefabricated wood trusses were utilized to create a Hawaiian style roof.

The Technology Center at Mid-Pacific Institute is a unique learning environment that combines current research on how students learn with state-of-the-art technology. Students work collaboratively and many of the tasks in the center develop the skills that workers in the 21st century will need: flexibility, creativity, problem solving and effective communication.

The center consists of a range of configurations for students. As the students gain experience and confidence, they can combine system elements to continue their exploration. The lab is modular and cross-platform by design, using both Macintosh and PC computers.


John Hara Associates