San Diego, CA | 5 levels | 280,000 sq ft

The Pacific Beacon BEQ Parking Structure consists of a five-story parking garage. The structure’s lateral system consists of perimeter precast moment frame columns and cast-in-place moment frame beams. The gravity system consists of double tee plank, girders or spandrels, and precast columns. The diaphragm is a cast-in-place concrete topping slab over the planks. The building is supported by a precast pile foundation.

The perimeter moment frame system was selected as the lateral resisting system because it offers flexibility, attractiveness as well as better visibility and usable space for the parking structures. The uniqueness of the moment frame in this building is that the columns are precast concrete allowing for continuous erection of the complete building. Once the precast is erected, the topping slabs and upturned frame beams can be poured. The double tee plank system, and precast spandrels are used as bottom and side forms for the cast-in-place moment frame beams.

The interior moment frame columns contain sleeves to accommodate the horizontal beam reinforcing that are grouted in place. The end columns use DDC connectors cast into the columns with high strength threaded beam bars in the end bay.

This system contributes to the increased speed of construction that allows the project to meet the owner’s completion date and budget.


HNA Pacific


Clark Construction