Whittier, CA | 140 ft long / 10 ft wide

The pedestrian bridge at Rio Hondo College spans 140 feet long and 10 feet wide and is supported by structural steel beams with a central steel tower that supporting two suspended steel cables on either side. These cables provide additional intermediate support to the steel girders. The seismic system consists of a Special Steel Moment frame with reduced beam sections and concrete footings in the transverse direction. A steel tube truss at the bridge deck is provided to transfer the seismic loads to the supports in the transverse direction. In the longitudinal direction the steel bridge support beams are designed to resist the seismic loads as axial loads. The steel bridge was designed to satisfy vibration criteria as set by the AISC design guide and ASTM A588 steel was utilized to mitigate the exposure of the weather on the structure.


Steven Ehrlich Architects


Manuel V. Jaramillo