Riverside, CA | 3 levels | Showroom: 53,500 sq ft / Shared Car Storage: 105,000

This Riverside Honda Dealership is unique in that it is part of a 2-auto dealership (Honda and Nissan) combined into one facility. Each dealer has separate showrooms and service areas on the ground floor separated by individual service drive aisles for the facilities centered between the two showrooms with 2 levels of shared parking above the service and drive aisles.

The structural design was complicated by one manufacturer’s corporate requirement that their building be separate from their competitor even though they shared storage parking and ramp access to this parking. To meet this requirement, an expansion joint was added that split the building along the drive aisle. This joint required careful layout of the building framing to maintain parking access and efficiency as well as coordination of the post-tensioning layout and the concrete pour and stressing sequences.

The service and parking areas are framed with post-tensioned concrete slabs and concrete block perimeter walls that also serve as the building shear walls. The showrooms, parts, and mezzanine level office areas are framed in structural steel.  A common concrete masonry unit wall separates the showroom from the service and garage areas. Steel moment frames along with the common concrete masonry unit wall resist seismic loads in the showrooms.


Ware Malcomb


Kunzik & Sara Construction


Courtesy of Ware Malcomb